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Custom Performance Solutions, Inc. (CPS) was founded in 1996 by our co-founders Cindy McCann and Pat Saraceno in response to what they discovered was a growing need for qualified performance consulting professionals who could hit the ground running, scope what needed to be done, and then just do it on time and within budget so people and organizations could achieve their desired results.

Our 40+ years of combined executive leadership experience in building and leading organizational growth has given us first-hand knowledge of what it takes to produce sustainable results. We specialize in bringing high visibility projects to fruition, while satisfying the high expectations of  internal and external customers, key business stakeholders, and ultimately, your shareholders.

CPS draws from a large pool of top-notch practitioners who are uniquely qualified to provide their experience and skills along with first-hand knowledge and experience in your industry and marketplace. We have a proven track record of success on sales, product, operations, technical, compliance, human resource and leadership development implementations for clients in the financial services, e-commerce, bio-pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications industries, and not-for-profit and government agencies.

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Custom Performance Solutions corporate offices are based in Oakland and Simi Valley, California. Our nationwide network of professionals serve clients across North America and around the world.