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Tele-Coaching for New and Experienced Leaders. Consider what your leaders need or might be asking themselves:

  • Is the staff performing at the level they should or could be?
  • Am I essential to my organization’s success?
  • Do I have more to offer, but something is holding me back?
  • Do I want or need professional development but have limited time or options?
  • What can I do to develop my skills in ways that satisfy my desire for success personally and professionally?

Leadership Fitness Program includes:

  • Individual and group performance goal setting and results tracking
  • Individual and group tele-coaching or in-person sessions
  • Experienced coaches who use our proven, streamlined executive coaching methodology
  • Targeted training and discussion forums can be deployed for immediate application within leadership teams

How is our coaching different?

We know leaders are seeking real-world solutions to complex problems. However, they sometimes need to be challenged and focused on taking the right actions that can unlock those solutions. We offer leaders and their organizations a competitive edge through targeted, innovative and objective coaching delivered at their convenience by telephone. Leaders participate in forming disciplined and measurable plans which produce lasting results when and where they count most…which translates into improved short- and long-term performance both personally and professionally, and in-turn for your organization.