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Management Coaching

Custom Performance Solutions -Management Coaching for New and Experienced Managers
  1. Are your managers and directors in full control of their staffs’ productivity and output?
  2. Do you consider your management team a critical component of your competitive advantage?
  3. Are your current leaders ready to compete with confidence in the face of a rapidly changing industry, new competition, and, new business drivers?
Management Fitness Philosophy:

Giving managers the confidence and skills they need to compete…on their terms.
Managers and directors are seeking real-world solutions to complex problems that only they can supply. However, they must be in excellent condition, challenged, and focused on taking action to solve those problems successfully. Management Fitness offers managers and their organizations a competitive edge through targeted, innovative and objective coaching delivered conveniently over the phone.

Working in conjunction with the Management Fitness Program, managers and directors participate in a disciplined and measurable plan which produces lasting results where they count most…giving them and your organization that competitive advantage.

Management Fitness Program includes:
  • Individual and organization performance goal setting and results tracking
  • Telecoaching with a dedicated Management Fitness Coach using a proven methodology for working through personal leadership issues and solutions.
  • Targeted training and discussion forums designed for immediate application
Management Fitness Program is an integrated service that addresses managers’ and directors’ needs for:
  • Challenge
  • Advice
  • Coaching
  • Development
  • Networking

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